We are proud to be certified in the new Elite Crete Reflector Enahncer Metallic epoxy system. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, this revolutionary epoxy system creates beautiful “metallic” finishes with rich hues and depths.

Our reflector enhancer epoxy flooring systems look incredible and are often chosen for homes, businesses, showrooms, studios, and galleries due to the glossy, detailed shine of these floors. Depth, detail, gloss – all elements of a great metallic epoxy floor coating are the result when you hire us to create this amazing finish.

A combination of the right techniques and applications are required to achieve the results you see in design magazines and showroom galleries. The Fresh Coat Paint & Stain team are licensed professional epoxy contractors who provide great-looking, highly durable metallic floor coating options that last. Our floors look amazing even in circumstances with regular exposure to impact, moisture, while providing a long lifespan.

Talk to us about your application needs to get the right epoxy flooring solution for your needs.

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We work with residential and commercial customers who require everything from basic interior and exterior painting through to high-gloss epoxy flooring that are durable and make an indelible impression. We have more than a decade worth of experience and we look forward to talking to you about epoxy flooring or other painting needs.